Saying Hello Again

Dear everyone that played BLOX City,

After a year of being dormant, we are proud to open our doors once again to the community. Under new management, we intend to take this platform where it has never gone before. BLOX City was created as an alternative to ROBLOX, the brainchild of Isaac Hymer. Slowly, as time went on, we lost our vision and dream-- we forgot what we had gone up against and became what we fought so hard to free the community from. Our platform was always intended to be a transparent, fun, learning environment for all involved. It was a chance for not only for our users to learn how to develop games, but a chance for us to learn new things when it comes to coding this wonderful platform. Over the years, we slowly progressed in our abilities and learned how to build and scale a platform of this size. The level of professionalism reached by our staff team was a level to be envied. We were proud of what we accomplished-- and then came the shutdown.

The shutdowns, which for long plagued the community, ruined our reputation and thus our credibility. This time around, we are here to stay. BLOX City will be envied once again, and become the embodiment of what it truly means to be a user-generated sandbox platform. The platform we intend to create will rise above and build upon the rich history of our website. We want everyone to give us this second chance, so we may better serve you-- not us-- you.

In the spirit of showing change, the paid features of our economy will not be available for atleast the first week of operation. We want to make sure the initial platform we push is functional and stable.

A lot of you will have questions regarding this, and I encourage all of you to join our Discord server and ask your questions to us.

We look forward to opening our doors and welcoming all of you back on November 23rd, 2019.


— Kyle Vickers